Episode 81 - “Teachers Offer Tips for Parents Doing School at Home”

March 30th, 2020

Publish Date 4-30-20

We are getting some great advice this week from Malone University's Professor of Education Dr. Beth Clark-Thomas and her daughter Madsen Thomas who is a 2nd grade Teacher in the Washington DC area. In this interview Beth and Madsen are offering some very practical and, we think super helpful, advice for parents who have been thrown into having the classroom in your home. 

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Episode 80- “Re-Set”

March 22nd, 2020

Publish Date 3-23-20
There's a feeling in air... it's like the whole world is being forced to take a pause... slow down... and re-set. In this episode Chip shares some thoughts about how the circumstances we find ourselves in might be an "opportunity" for a family Re-Set or maybe even a personal one too.
Resource Links from this episode:
Chip's Live Stream Link
Daily Audio Bible
Episode 79 - "Talking to Your Kids About the Corona-virus"
​Episode 32 - "Rest, Shabbat, Sabbath, Manuha's

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Episode 79 - “Talking To Your Kids About the Coronavirus”

March 16th, 2020

Publish Date 3-16-20

We wanted to offer some encouragement to parents and Grandparents this week about talking to the children in your family about the event happening the around the world due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. We also wanted to just share some resources we've found that might help as well. Please feel free to share this episode with other parents and grandparents who might be some ideas about helping children through this potentially really scary and anxious time.

A great article from the Child Mind Institute

Talking To Kids When You're Feeling Anxious

How Students Can Get Ahead During School Shut-downs


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Episode 78 - “Dad Episode” Discipline, Do-overs and Apologies

March 9th, 2020

Publish Date 3-9-20

It's another Dad Episode and the guys are tackling, what for some might be a Hot Button subject... Disciplining Children. Listen in on the conversation as they talk about the challenging and changing dynamics around this topic.


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Episode 77 - “Who Are You & Who Am I?”

March 2nd, 2020

Publish Date 3-2-20

“Who are you, Lord my God, and who am I?”

One of the stories about St. Francis of Assisi relates how a brother watched the saint in prayer, and heard him pray the words, “Who are you, Lord my God, and who am I?” Even the Saints were needing to find their identity in Christ... the struggle is real and with us still today to be sure. Brittany is off to speak to a conference of young Christian women about this very topic. Britt gives you a snapshot of what she'll be sharing at the conference.

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Episode 76 - “Risky Business”

February 23rd, 2020

Publish Date 2-24-20
It sounds counter intuitive when you sat it but letting your kids take risks and fail is actually a really good parenting move on your part! This week's topic was inspired by Episode 71 "We Have To Try" and Josh's comment that he wanted to give their daughter Riley permission to take risks even if those risks mean she has to experience falling down, a lot. His reasoning was he knew how much she would benefit from the growth that is happening for her in those high risk moments. It's Risky Business in parenting but without risk there is no growth... the reward is in the risk. Brittany shares her experience working with College students and recognizing the difference between those whose parents gave them a chance to take risks and fail and ones with parents whose mission was to clear away every obstacle. 
Check out Love Lives Here by Maria Goff

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Episode 75 - Dad Episode “Does Your Wife Make You Better?”

February 17th, 2020

Publish Date 2-17-20
This week we have another Brand New Dad Episode... this week the conversation is short but sweet here on the heels of Valentines Day. We thought it appropriate to share this really excellent conversation as the guys share honestly about how their wives are making them better men. We hope you are encouraged by this chat. 
Phil Keaggy's beautiful piece, Tennessee Morning makes another appearance this week as well. Check out all of Phil's Music Here.
Chris mentions Tim Keller and some of his thoughts on marriage... check out His Book Here.

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Episode 74 (Dad Episode) “Thoughts from Dad’s about Raising Kids in the #MeToo Era “

February 10th, 2020

Publish Date 2-10-20
We are back this week with another installment of the Dad Episodes. Chip is joined by sometime co-host Josh Osborn, Josh Graham, Joe Osborn and Chris Holm. Chip asks this question... "How has the #Metoo movement affected you in your parenting goals, style with your kids? All of these guys are Dad's of daughters and some have both girls and boys in there household. This conversation is a good one and an important one for men to have with each other. It's also very interesting to hear the honesty and genuine concern and care these Dads express in some of what they share in this episode.
The Bumper music in this episode:
"Tennesee Morning" by Phil Keaggy from the Album 220
The Upper Room Podcast with Chris Holm

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Episode 73- Seeds Of Love

February 3rd, 2020

Publish Date 2-3-20
When it comes to conversations around those BIG topics like LOVE... how do you make it small enough or simple enough to share with children? Or heck with anyone of any age... even for yourself... how do we practically apply any of this within our families? Chip and Brittany are talking about that very thing in this episode and they're taking a journey into the garden... well at least metaphorically speaking. 

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Love, Love, Love, Love

January 27th, 2020

Publish Date 1-27-20
As we have been thinking about the new season of our podcast we have been captivated by this idea of the Transforming Power of God's Love. So Love... is what we're going to be just living with for awhile in our podcast. Chip and Britt pick up where they left off from the Season 2 Kickoff Episode.
Check out The Upper Room Fellowship Podcast and Chris Holm's series on Love. 
Check out Bob Goff
Check out Lakeside Ohio
Get Chip's song Love, Love, Love, Love

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