Episode 76 - “Risky Business”

February 23rd, 2020

Publish Date 2-24-20
It sounds counter intuitive when you sat it but letting your kids take risks and fail is actually a really good parenting move on your part! This week's topic was inspired by Episode 71 "We Have To Try" and Josh's comment that he wanted to give their daughter Riley permission to take risks even if those risks mean she has to experience falling down, a lot. His reasoning was he knew how much she would benefit from the growth that is happening for her in those high risk moments. It's Risky Business in parenting but without risk there is no growth... the reward is in the risk. Brittany shares her experience working with College students and recognizing the difference between those whose parents gave them a chance to take risks and fail and ones with parents whose mission was to clear away every obstacle. 
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