Episode 75 - Dad Episode “Does Your Wife Make You Better?”

February 17th, 2020

Publish Date 2-17-20
This week we have another Brand New Dad Episode... this week the conversation is short but sweet here on the heels of Valentines Day. We thought it appropriate to share this really excellent conversation as the guys share honestly about how their wives are making them better men. We hope you are encouraged by this chat. 
Phil Keaggy's beautiful piece, Tennessee Morning makes another appearance this week as well. Check out all of Phil's Music Here.
Chris mentions Tim Keller and some of his thoughts on marriage... check out His Book Here.

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Episode 74 (Dad Episode) “Thoughts from Dad’s about Raising Kids in the #MeToo Era “

February 10th, 2020

Publish Date 2-10-20
We are back this week with another installment of the Dad Episodes. Chip is joined by sometime co-host Josh Osborn, Josh Graham, Joe Osborn and Chris Holm. Chip asks this question... "How has the #Metoo movement affected you in your parenting goals, style with your kids? All of these guys are Dad's of daughters and some have both girls and boys in there household. This conversation is a good one and an important one for men to have with each other. It's also very interesting to hear the honesty and genuine concern and care these Dads express in some of what they share in this episode.
The Bumper music in this episode:
"Tennesee Morning" by Phil Keaggy from the Album 220
The Upper Room Podcast with Chris Holm

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Episode 73- Seeds Of Love

February 3rd, 2020

Publish Date 2-3-20
When it comes to conversations around those BIG topics like LOVE... how do you make it small enough or simple enough to share with children? Or heck with anyone of any age... even for yourself... how do we practically apply any of this within our families? Chip and Brittany are talking about that very thing in this episode and they're taking a journey into the garden... well at least metaphorically speaking. 

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Love, Love, Love, Love

January 27th, 2020

Publish Date 1-27-20
As we have been thinking about the new season of our podcast we have been captivated by this idea of the Transforming Power of God's Love. So Love... is what we're going to be just living with for awhile in our podcast. Chip and Britt pick up where they left off from the Season 2 Kickoff Episode.
Check out The Upper Room Fellowship Podcast and Chris Holm's series on Love. 
Check out Bob Goff
Check out Lakeside Ohio
Get Chip's song Love, Love, Love, Love

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Episode 71 - “We Have To Try” with Josh & Megan Osborn

January 20th, 2020

Publish Date 1-20-20
This week we are transporting our listeners to The Upper Room Fellowship in Columbiana, Ohio on a recent Sunday morning to hear some good words from Josh and Megan Osborn. If you haven't heard their story check out the interview we did with them last year. It's a multi part interview that begins at Episode 18. Their story is one of heartbreak, hope, healing and overcoming. This is really a continuation of the story of how how God continues to work in and through this little family. Also there's a companion video to go with this episode. This is the video Josh describes at the end. Check it out here and please feel free to share it with your friends... it's very inspiring. Follow Riley's journey on Riley Updates on Facebook.

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Episode 70 - “New Year Same You”

January 13th, 2020

Publish Date 1-13-20
How are those Resolutions going? Do you feel sometimes a bit overwhelmed by all the New Year New Leaf, New Year New You chatter that is just about everywhere this time of year? Chip and Britt have a pretty lively conversation around this topic... Chip is kind weary of it all... Britt is excited and inspired by those kind of things this time year... listen in and see where the conversation takes them. We hope you'll be encouraged and inspired by this episode regardless of which side of the self-improvement conversation you come down on.

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Season 2 Welcome Back Video Episode (Audio Only)

January 5th, 2020

Publish Date 1-6-20
We are back everyone and happy to be kicking off season 2 of the podcast, We really are just wanting to greet you all and re-connect in this episode but also we thought it would be fun to shoot some video and post as well. So to kick off this new season we are welcoming you in to check out our creative spaces and how we do what we when we record. We may be posting more video with future episode. You'll be able to watch any video episodes we publish here on our website and on Chip's You Tube Channel.

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Episode 68 - Finale Episode before Summer Break

May 26th, 2019

Publish Date 5-27-19
After 68 consecutive weekly published episode, we've decided to take a summer hiatus to refresh, renew and regroup. In this episode Chip and Brittany offer you, the listener their wish for you for this summer. Have a great summer and please if you get the chance to leave a 5 Start Rating and Review of the Roots and Wings Podcast. That is so very helpful to make the podcast more discoverable and accessible to more people. Also, don't forget to visit our Facebook page and join the Better Together Group. Have a great summer! We will be back with new episodes this Fall.

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Episode 67 - “The Dad Episodes” - Part Three

May 19th, 2019

Publish Date 5-20-19
This is Part Three of our "Dad Episodes Series"... We've been wanting to record some episodes that would speak to and encourage our Dad Listeners.  So we thought what better way to connect with all the Dads in the audience than to have a bunch of Dads on the Podcast! So we recorded a conversation with four Dads who also happen to be really good friends. This part of the conversation the guys are talking about discovering their wives "love language" and how they use that knowledge in their marriages to love their Wives well.  We hope you enjoy the conversation and are encouraged too.
The 5 Love Languages - Gary Chapman

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Episode 66 - “3 Most Important Things A Child Needs From A Parent”

May 12th, 2019

Publish Date 5-13-19
3 Most Important Things ... a child needs from a parent... Time, Touch, and Attention. Of course, there may be more than 3 for sure but these have to be in the top 10 at least. Listen to Chip and Britt's conversation and see if this episode stirs something up in you. Also, don't forget to join the new "Better Together" Facebook Group and help us grow the community of friends and families around the podcast. And please leave a review and rate us on iTunes Podcast.

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