Episode 74 (Dad Episode) “Thoughts from Dad’s about Raising Kids in the #MeToo Era “

February 10th, 2020

Publish Date 2-10-20
We are back this week with another installment of the Dad Episodes. Chip is joined by sometime co-host Josh Osborn, Josh Graham, Joe Osborn and Chris Holm. Chip asks this question... "How has the #Metoo movement affected you in your parenting goals, style with your kids? All of these guys are Dad's of daughters and some have both girls and boys in there household. This conversation is a good one and an important one for men to have with each other. It's also very interesting to hear the honesty and genuine concern and care these Dads express in some of what they share in this episode.
The Bumper music in this episode:
"Tennesee Morning" by Phil Keaggy from the Album 220
The Upper Room Podcast with Chris Holm

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