Episode 24 - Self Esteem, Confidence and Body Image - Part 1

July 22nd, 2018

Publish Date 7-23-18
In this episode Chip is joined by not only his daughter Brittany but also his daughter Megan as they talk about a topic that can be very sensitive for some families. Nurturing a healthy self-esteem and body image is so important for our children, especially girls although boys are needing just as much encouragement and parenting in this too. We live in a culture/society overly focused on outward appearances. Children, especially tweens and teens are literally being bombarded with messages of "what you should look like"... do you remember Junior High, remember the first day of school going to 7th grade? The pressure and anxiety kids feel is very real as parents and grandparents we really need to be aware and have a strategy to help our children grow up to have a healthy (and we should put the emphasis on "Healthy") sense of confidence, self esteem and body image.
Brittany and Megan shed some light on this topic from a girls perspective and share some personal things they experienced growing up and how they maneuvered this delicate and sometimes difficult time of life. Chip offers some thoughts about how to make a strategy and a few tips. 

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