Episode 7 - “Fear of Messing Up this Parenting Thing”

March 25th, 2018

Chip and Brittany reply to their very first voice memo question from new Mom Chelsea... what do you do with the fear that comes with being a new parent that you're going to mess this parenting thing up? Also how do you deal with the feeling that you may not be doing enough for your kids especially when both parents are working in a two career household knowing you'll be missing some things in your children's lives?

Resource articles mentioned in this episode:

"Pregnancy Changes the Brain in Ways That May Help Mothering" - NY Times

"Becoming A Father Can Rewire A Man's Brain" - IFLScience

"How Becoming A Parent Changes Your Brain" - dokteronline


Send your voice memo recorded comments or conversation starters by emailing Brittany at brittany@chiprichter.com and Chip at chip@chiprichter.com and join the conversation!


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