Episode 61 - ENCORE “My Dad’s Coat”

April 7th, 2019

Publish Date 4-8-19
It's the beginning of touring season for Chip and we are working on producing some great interviews to air this spring and summer. So we're bringing you a Special ENCORE Episode this week an episode that was a favorite of our listeners when it first aired in March of last year. We're talking about the idea of helping kids to make the faith traditions they may be inheriting from us their very own. The truth is this faith of ours and the heritage of faith we may have received from our parents and grandparents probably looks a lot different than it did for them. It makes sense then that our children's and grandchildren's faith will also look a bit different than ours. This episode also features a song called My Dad's Coat that Chip wrote and features his friend Phil Keaggy on electric guitar and vocals.

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