Episode 43 - “Bringing Advent Home”

December 2nd, 2018

Publish Date 12-3-18
This past Sunday, December 2nd, was the kick-off for the first Sunday of Advent. This week Brittany and Chip are talking about Advent, what it's all about, how people celebrate it and how you can bring the season of Advent into your home and share it with your children. Brittany shares a bit about making her homemade Advent wreath (see pic below) and they talk about several good resources to give you some ideas about how to Bring Advent Home for your family this Christmas season.
Advent (ˈædˌvɛnt  ; adˈventˌ)
1. the period including the four Sundays just before Christmas
2. Theology a. the birth of Christ b. Second Coming
3. [a-] a coming or arrival
Word origin of 'advent' ME & OFr avent < ML adventus < pp. of L advenire, to come < ad-, to + venire, come

​Looking for ideas to do with your kids? The interwebs are full of them... just do a search for Advent Family Activities and you'll be amazed. Here's a few found that looked good but there's so much more you can check out:
6 Ideas for Celebrating Advent as a Family
​Resources from Focus on The Family for Advent
Advent Activities for All

Brittany's home made Advent Wreath.

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