Episode 29 - Back to School- A Few More Thoughts

August 26th, 2018

Publish Date 8-27-18
This episode comes to you direct from the shores of Lake Erie where Chip is finishing up the summer season at Lakeside Chautauqua. He still flying solo in this one and adding a few thoughts to the episode from last week all about feeling a little anxious as we send our kids off to a new school year. 
Chip says, "I've been "liking" lots of pics being posted on my social media platforms from families I know whose kids are starting their "First Day of (kindergarten, 1st Grade... fill in the blank here) and reading the accompanying comments of their parents. I can't help but pick up as I read between the lines some of the anxiety in those comments... and in truth I can sure understand that... I remember sending my kids off to kindergarten, 1st grade, first day of junior high or first day of high school (YIKES)... those were anxious times for me for sure and I can relate! In the first place you can't believe they are old enough to be doing this! In the second place you're certain they are not ready for this! And finally in the third place there's nothing you can do about it... ready or not, it's happening and there's not a thing you can do to slow it down or delay the inevitable and anxiety may be running high."

​This week we are sharing a few more practical parenting tips to help support your kids during the school year whatever the season they're in (Elementary, JR High, High School even College).

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