Episode 28 - Back To School Anxiety

August 19th, 2018

Publish Date 8-20-18
In this episode Chip is flying solo as Brittany is not able to join the conversation because she Jeff are up to their eyeballs in a new transitional season of starting a new job, moving and starting work on a Masters degree. Actually a lot of what Brittny is doing has to do with the phrase Back to School! 
Here in the final weeks of summer we are squeezing out the last drops of summertime while looking ahead into the transitional season of Back To School. The phrase "Back to School" may bring cries of "oh no say it isn't so" from the kids and "I thought it would never get here" from the parents! If your morning the passing of summer or doing a happy dance for back to school time most parents, and their children, will at some point experience along the way a bit of anxiety that comes with a new transitional season.
We hope this episode will be encouraging for you and inspire you to get connected with other parents who might be feeling the same emotions and anxieties and to go to the One who knows us and our kids the best and who loves us all more than we can imagine!

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