Episode 2 “Sibling Love”

February 18th, 2018

We are talking about LOVE... Sibling Love to be exact. So I'm sure your kids all get along perfectly together all the time, no arguments, no fighting, no name calling, no tears.... wait ... what? ... you mean that's not happening in your household? I'm teasing of course... sibling rivalry is as old as time and common in all families. So what's a good way to minimize fighting and squabbling among your children and even more important how can you use those tense times as a parenting/teaching moment to encourage love and kindness and peace within your tribe? We touch on a couple ideas and talk about a couple great resources for you to check out. (See links below) Also as a bonus we've included Chip's song "Love, Love, Love, Love" a mash up of a couple familiar vacation Bible School songs from way back when. This tune was included on Chip's CD My Dad's Coat and features the voices of his family (Chip's kids were just wee little ones see if you can pick out Brittany :-O) doing the spoken word parts... there's a link below to download the tune or the whole CD.

Love Language: The 5 Love Languages for Children
by Gary D. Chapman (Author),‎ Ross Campbell MD (Author),‎ Ross Campbell (Author)

​Love Does by Bob Goff (Published May 12th 2012 by Thomas Nelson)

Love, Love, Love, Love, by Chip Richter from the CD "My Dad's Coat"

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