Episode 14 - Can You Hear Me Now? Part 2

May 13th, 2018

This is part two of a three part episode we're calling "Can You Hear Me Now?" It's all about communication within the family. We're talking about communicating with our kids and with our spouse and how that can be a challenge if some of your family members are not all that "chatty". In last week's' episode we introduced this idea and we talked about all of us have a unique communication style and how our kids can so different as well. We talked about some practical ways to enhance the communication that goes on within the family.
In Part 2 this week you'll get to hear from a couple who will share some real life examples of some of the very things we talked about last week. We're playing the first part of a two part interview with Bruce and Monica Stryffeler who share a real life perspective about how they learned to understand the different communication styles in their marriage and then their children. They share how they learned to make room for and work within those unique family dynamics and how they found success in connecting and growing healthy lines of communication within the family. Bruce and Monica share some wonderful insights and encouragement from their partnering and parenting journey.

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