Episode 1 - “It’s All About You”

February 12th, 2018

It's our first real episode... Brittany and Chip are responding to a question from a parent who asked, "So how does it look to pass your faith on to your kids... I mean how do you even begin?" We thought this was a great question to address as we kick off the first episode and start at the beginning... the short answer to this question is... "It's All About You" ... that's where it all begins and that's our topic of conversation in this episode.
If you have a thought or question or want to share a story about what's working in your family please send them to us. You can write us an email or even better record a voice memo on your phone and email that to us then we can add your voice to the conversation. Email Brittany@chiprichter.com or Chip@chiprichter.com 

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